Fueling Food: Future Focused

“zero hunger” future — zero stunting of children for lack of adequate nutrition, zero waste of food and agricultural inputs in societies where people do not get enough to eat.” ~ Ban Ki-moon, UN secretary general, The Future We Want 

In a world with an unknown future before us, we have the opportunity now to influence the outcomes that will be experienced in our lifetimes and by future generations. With the current juxtaposition of hunger and  waste escalating, the issues of food waste, water and energy use in the food system are paramount to consider, study and address in the spectrum of contexts from local to global and personal to collective.


As sustained growth will continue to be needed in the face of constraints, we will need to produce more food on the same amount of land with less water. The cereal example is a prime instance where marked change is necessary, being that 30 percent of grains are lost to waste across the crops’ lifecycle.  Challenges such as these will require courageous innovators who continue to look beyond our current paradigms to create new concepts and business models that spark our imaginations. Here are some recent favorite examples experiencing marked success:

  • By creating an approachable, personal connection to food cultivation, Berkeley’s Back to the Roots is bringing a waste to food experience into homes.

  • German startup, Efficient City Farming is bringing mobile aquaponics into the heart of urban settings, requiring 50 percent less water & 70 percent less land to achieve closed loop vegetable and fish production.

  • Rubies in the Rubble is a small London producer making a large difference, birthed out of an environmental mission to divert food waste paired with the social objective of job creation – “what you put into life, is what you get out” is their vision embodied in an array of chutneys.


All this is fine & grand, but at the end of the day how can we each do our part to turn the tide? Consider these simple solutions to begin Reducing Food Waste at Events & find ways to Reduce Food Waste in 5 Easy Steps. The fundamental shift to begin to Waste Not, Want Not  starts with each of our individual decisions on a daily basis. May this result in a collective mindfulness across our world, of the bounty of food it provides us and the precious resources we must steward with gratitude.

“FAO believes that feeding all the of the earth’s population is possible if bold policy decisions are taken on enhancing poor people’s access to food, levels of food waste and how agriculture is used for non-food purposes. All depends on the choices made today in managing agricultural and food systems.” ~ FAO, Towards the Future We Want 


3 responses

  1. Wonderful blog- food waste is a big issue and just by shifting thought process, personal sustainability shifts in a positive favor as well.

  2. Amanda, great post on the intersection of food waste and hunger. Have you ordered the mushroom kits from Back to the Roots? I met them at the SVN conference last fall and was gifted a box. It was super fun and a great way to engage people in growing their own food. I’m curious about the sourcing practices of Rubies in the Rubble. Do you know how they get their produce? It looks like it’s perhaps a partnership with markets. I’m curious if the produce is donated or if there is money exchanged. Thanks for always finding such great links!

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