Fueling Food: Global Impact

Choices have consequences and the escalating impact of daily decisions equaling global and generational change is alarming. This year’s WWF’s Living Planet Report identifies and illustrates outcomes of our current choices, such as this:

Sadder still is the realization of how much of this commercial fishing depletion results from bycatch – while NOAA is beginning to track and monitor U.S. catch, the opportunity for improvement is massive worldwide, due to the state our our oceans.

The more thoroughly we understand our context as individual consumers in a global food system, the more possibility we can create for lasting change. Daily decisions are not stand alone and the rippling effects of a broken system and an off kilter food culture in the U.S. are showing up in lethal ways.

“One of the most striking aspects of the global food market is that while almost one billion people are undernourished, another billion are what the industry likes to call over-nourished – or obese.” ~ John Elkington

Our current ways are impacting many, from our children and to our oceans. Will we sit by, blindly eating every meal, or can we stop to think, consider our choices and their potential to create change with every bite? I know we can and hope we will.


3 responses

  1. How do we get a mass of people to change their habits? Perhaps we need Sir Richard Branson to offer ocean tours so people can actually see the effect they’re choices have to aquatic life. This is a true case of ignoring that which we can’t see, yet will cause us much harm when it’s too late.

  2. Thanks for the reminder of the wide impact of our daily food choices! I’m very curious about the fish fight. There is such a need to continually re-evaluate policy decisions and understand their widespread (unintended) consequences.

  3. I am most curious about ” discarding ” is and what is the true impact of it on the ocean, the economy and the fishing industry. Throwing dead or dying fish back into the sea seems incredibly wasteful on a multitude of angles.

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