Q2: Canvas Creativity

Business + Creativity = Business Model Generation!

Quarter Two, Intensive One began with each of our year long project teams starting with three business concepts which by the end of the weekend transformed into one business model thanks to the ingenius flow of the Business Model Canvas:

Yes, it gets better: there’s an app for that! (Web version coming soon too.)

We walked, typed & talked the canvas for days straight:

My team took a hands-on approach to applying our newfound canvas modeling skills and puzzle pieced in the segments as we told our story. (More to come soon.)

Who says business school can’t be FU(HH)N!

An exciting example of the application of the canvas mapping process is currently in the works by New City Market in Vancouver, BC (thanks to Alexa for the find!):

To see this tool put to use for a multi-purpose sustainable food venture is so inspiring. This process, research & great content galore has me giddy like a kid in a candy store lately. Possibilities, passion & purpose combining makes for a great life!


5 responses

  1. **I’m reposting here because it seems I initially posted to an image.

    Have I mentioned how excited I am that our teams were paired together. The state of our food system in this country gets me revved up. No movie has ever made me cry more than Food, Inc. How can the government allow this to go on? How can people treat people and animals in such a horrific manner? How can we truly show people the cost of the food they eat? Lucky for me, you guys are tackling all these questions. I love to see how enthusiastic and dedicated you and your team are about this project.


  2. Thanks, Jen! it’s great being peer review buddies and your enthusiasm & encouragement means a lot! Telling the story of food is the first step in change and I so appreciate the mediums that help do that effectively, be it the canvas or films like Food, Inc.! I’m swimming in information right now and am thinking about creative ways to use the new hive to share and discuss – I’d love your input once I get there so stay tuned!

  3. Nice use of images and links! Your blog looks so polished, Amanda.

    I look forward to learning more about how your team used puzzle pieces in the canvas for your model. Is that the model you chose, or one of your three initial models?

    What was easiest about your canvas process? What was the most difficult? Do you think you’re done, or do you have more iterations to go?

  4. Fantastic resources, thanks for sharing! I’ve taken a two-hour lunch to pore over them. It’s inspiring to think that BGI is in the midst of co-creating our own spin on the business canvas, experimenting with a more durable, purposeful model. We’re adding the fundamental layer of the triple (or quadruple) bottom line to all these considerations and using the systems thinking lens to identify connections. I can’t wait to see where FUHH takes us next!

  5. thanks for sharing your business model prototype. great images to capture the BMC experience. i just signed up for the app as well. so far the BMC is a great tool. anything missing from the canvas? any thoughts on your team weaving TBL into your canvas?

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